Connor Rothe (b.2001) is a multidisciplinary artist from Waterloo, Ontario currently studying Drawing and Painting at OCADU. He explores landscape painting through his experience with derealization (a dissociative disorder that has mentally detached him from reality). His paintings are both photographic and blurry. In this, he attempts to straddle the line between real and unreal.

Painted in acrylic with an airbrush, there is no physical connection between the artist and the canvas. The lack of physicality both in the process and effect of airbrushing relates to the work’s disconnect.


2020-present – BFA in Drawing and Painting, OCAD University, Toronto, ON

Solo Exhibitions

2022 – Connor Rothe: Selected Works, Waterloo City Hall, Waterloo, ON

Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 – Awenda Inspired!, Ada Slaight Gallery, Toronto, ON

2022 – Gathering Divergence, Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario (CPMAO), Ada Slaight Gallery, Toronto, ON

2022 – The First Self-Portrait: Cultural Appropriation, OCADU, Toronto, ON

2022 – Unrest, 1132 Dundas St. E, Toronto, ON

2021 – Archive of Merit: From the OSA to OCADU, Ada Slaight Gallery, Toronto, ON


2022 – Takao Tanabe Scholarship, OCADU, Toronto, ON

2022 – Archives of Ontario: 150 Anniversary of the Ontario Society of Artists, OSA, Toronto, ON


2022 – Gathering Divergence Group Exhibition held in Toronto, International Art News,